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Apologies re: Episode 88

Episode 88 had to be pulled for editing due to glitches from Google Hangout.  We don’t know when the episode featuring Ben Rosset (Panda Game Manufacturing) and JT Smith (The Game Crafter) will be availabe – we’ll let you know if we can salvage anything.  It might end up being audio only.


Episode 1 of the Game Dojo is in the Can!

We start off this series by meeting 3 of the 4 designers who will be participating in the Game Dojo’s first season – Bob Wieman, Devin Stinchcomb, and Ryan Schoon (Steve Caires is in transit at the moment).

Bob is a math professor in West Virginia who is trying to make a zombie game that teaches about sustainability while Devin is in QC and creating a game about one of my holy grails of game design – time travel!  Ryan, a veteran of the RPG writing world, is trying his hand at boardgames for the first time in a world of megacorps who have privatized first responders.   Steve has a solo game about being the best space pirate ever!

Tonight, we talked about their past playtests, their current iterations, and their future goals.  We hope you’ll follow their progress on a weekly basis as Sen checks in with them one at a time, every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. EST.

See you then!

Episode 83 is all about Player Count

We had a great discussion with Gil Hova and the crew from Man vs. Meeple regarding player count.

Here’s a link to the concept Gil was talking about called “Decision Scales” from the Game Designers of NC as well as Ludology Episode 114 that he referenced.



And then Daryl, Tiffany, and Sen carried the discussion over in the aftershow.


The Game Dojo has a Logo!


Thanks to artist extraordinaire, Andy Jewett, for  donating this lovely Game Dojo logo for Sen to use in this season.  Andy and Sen are also working on a game together, so look out for that a well!

Check here more info on The Game Dojo

Season 3 has begun!

We’re ringing in a new school year with a new timeslot and a new co-host.  The Meeple Syrup crew gladly welcomes our longtime-friend and sometimes-hostage Tiffany Caires @TheOneTAR as our third mic controller on our lunchtime panel which will feature many new guests as well as fan faves.

So, we’ll be on every Tuesday at noon EST and talking to our guests for an hour.  The aftershow will follow immediately and, in  our new format, will focus only on the hosts as they give their input on the responses the guests gave during the main show.  This way, we hope to have a more even flow to the main show while still allowing the hosts to share their thoughts on the matter at hand.

We hope you enjoy the new season.  Remember, if you can’t watch and interact live (which is, let’s be honest, the bestest way evar!), you can always download the audio-only rips via iTunes or watch the archived shows on our channel – be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

If you missed it, here’s our last show from this afternoon and the aftershow!




Meeple Syrup Winter Camp!

Here’s some files that will be useful for people attending our first annual camp.
Please familiarize yourself with these documents in preparation for this joyous event.

– learn about camp in full
– contains our event schedule
– list of meal times
– essential “must bring” list
– list of sponsors

– where everything is located once on site

– all of the various and sundry policies regarding the rental property

– our daily bread (and meat and veg and drink)

Episode 54: Like 3 Peas in a Podcast

We bring Jason Kotarski, Dave Taylor and TC Petty III on to talk about the benefits of producing content and listening to content from a publishing, reviewing and (of course!) designing viewpoint.  Some great insight on how to promote and develop your brand in and around the boardgame industry including equipment, software, and other goodness!

We’ve Got Audio!

Huge thanks goes out to Dave Tome for helping us get our Podcast up and running.  He is hereby elected the Grand High Pubah of All Things Audio Only!

If you’ve got a long commute, if you like walking your dogs whilst listening to boardgame design related stuff, if you just like hearing our mellifluous voices…check out “Meeple Syrup” on iTunes and cram us in your ear holes!

We’ll be working for this next little while to get everything encoded and cleaned up as best we can and then figure out how to improve audio quality from here on out.

Thanks for listening!


Episode 53 The Con Is On

Suzanne Sheldon and Dave Tome join Daryl and Sen in chatting with Brian Lenz and Jeff Anderson, the convention runners for GrandCon and BGG.con, respectively.  We find out what they have in store for convention-goers in general and boardgame designers specifically!  Check it out!

Episode 52 Happy Anniversary!

What more is there to say?  1 whole year and over 175 videos later, we celebrate Year 1 with some of of favourite co-hosts, travel and con companions, and the people who inspired us to do this with our own twists!  We talk about what we learned, what mistakes we made, and what we hope to do in the future.

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