Contracts are always a huge issue when it comes to the business end of game design.  The people over at the wonderful game design meta-blog, Cardboard Edison, ran a survey on the topoc as part of their Patreon milestones.  Cardboard Edison collects what they feel are the best of the best tweets and posts about boardgame design from around the interwebs and sticks them all in one place for you to see – support them if you like what they’re doing for the game design community!.  They collected data from a wide variety of sources and produced some visually stunning infographics from the results.  In our show, we go over only 1/5 of the data they compiled that gives a good overview of some of the basics of contracts in the business.

  The Cardboard Edison Logo

We were also joined by David Short, the designer of such games as Ground Floor, Cypher, and Planes as well as several unannounced projects forthcoming!  He gives us insight into his experience in signing with several companies.

The always happy Mr. Short.

David stuck around for the Aftershow to discuss his most recent games, his design philosophy and other stuff.  JR Honeycutt also popped in for a visit as the Cardboard Edison crew had to say goodbye due to parental obligations.

Watch the archived videos to find out what went down!

Episode 19 Main Show

Episode 19 Aftershow