Some of the heavyweights of game design, hailing from parts unknown, stepped into the ring to face off about scaling games for different player counts.  In the red corner, we had artist and designer Evan Derrick, who’s signature move is his PnP sensation, Dark Moon (the game formerly known as “BSG Express”) forthcoming from Stronghold games.  And in the blue corner, we had designer and publisher Ted Alspach (Bézier Games), who’s dreaded arsenal of finishing moves has been expanded to included the dangerous 5-player expansion for Suburbia, Suburbia 5-Star!

Don’t let the smile fool ya, once he gets his mitts on ya, you’re getting suplexed!

This is as close to a picture of Evan as we could find. Just wait til April, Evan…


We had a really fun and informative time, chatting with these guys and wrestling with all the issues that arise when trying to create a game that scales well from solo play up to a large number of players.  We talked Werewolf.  We talked dice.  We even talked Evan into making a game that ONLY plays with 5 players.

Meeple Syrup Episode 20:  Tipping the Scales

Meeple Syrup Episode 20:  Aftershow