Originally intended to have Steve Tassie (B-Movie Game Games/Z-man), he was not available due to technical difficulties, but we were able to have Darrell Louder (Compounded/Dice Hate Me Games) and T.C. Petty III (VivaJava/Dice Hate Me Games) on the show in the final days prior to one of the biggest prototype playtesting game events  of the year – UnPub 5!  Darrell is the current head honcho behind the UnPub organization and T.C. is his right hand man.  We talked about how to organize an UnPub event, how to deal with playtesting and feedback, and future projects from both of these designers.  For all the technical difficulties, it was a super show!  Best wishes at UnPub this weekend!

Darrell Louder, looking pensive.

T.C. and Darrell playing Fleet at Prezcon!