Aldie to the left of me, Eric to the right, here I am…Stuck in the middle with Suz.


That’s right, folks.  I just made a Steve Miller Band joke!  We had a great time on the main show and during the aftershow talking not only about the 1 millionth registrant on Scott Alden’s brainchild, BGG (they need to get added to this wiki), but also W. Eric Martin’s award-winning game, Body PartyBGG@Sea, BGG Fam, Nuremburg, and the New York Toy Fair.  We talk design as well, getting some great insight from two of the most active people in the community.

Body Party

And Suz, as usual, was cogent.

Like, totally cogent.

Oh yeah, and we launched our Kickstarter campaign to fund even MOAR stuffs for the Meeple Syrup Show!




Links to the vids (until I can figure out how to get these properly embedded again…seems to work only every other week…)

Meeple Syrup Episode 23: Around the Table

Meeple Syrup Episode 23 Aftershow