With all the designing going on, designers (both veterans and neophytes alike) are competing for the attention of publishers and crowdfunders.  What’s a designer to do?  Well, JT Smith (of The Game Crafter) and Andrew Tullson (of Print and Play Productions) hope that you use one of their highly acclaimed print-on-demand services to get your prototype to the table in a more eye-catching fashion.

Daryl, Sen and Bebo chat with the two about robots and (of course) game design.

And in the aftershow, JT sticks around, we award a prize and JT puts up another one – Thanks, broski!  Then, we’re joined by Ray Wehrs, CEO of Calliope Games, who jumped in live from the Mox Boardinghouse in Seattle, to tell us all about the upcoming Titans series – some pretty cool stuff in the works!  Check it out!