Designer of Eminent Domain andTerra Prime, Seth Jaffee’s typical role at the table is actually developing the games of OTHER designers to make them fit for publication by his employer, Tasty Minstrel Games.  Seth has worked his magic on such titles as Belfort and Kings of Air and Steam – all to varying degrees – and he shares his expertise and insight with us at Meeple Syrup Show.  In Part 1, Seth discusses development and rules writing.  Grab a pen and jot notes down, because this engineer-by-day, developer-by-night drops some game design science!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in which Seth and Sen talk more about the unsung heroes of the boardgame industry – the developers!

Until then, watch some more Meeple Syrup episodes or you can check out Seth’s blog – he posted the rules writing article he referred to in this video!

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Here’s Part 2, as promised – Enjoy.