Sorry for the delay in updates on this page.  I got very sick for quite a long time and was able to do the shows, but apparently not keep up with this.  My apologies!

Here’s what happened:  Episode 32 had our fellow Canadians Sean Jacquemain and Adam Marostica join in the chat to talk about how you can use skills and passions you already have to find work within the boardgame industry.

Sean is the photojournalist who runs The Daily Worker Placement blog.  His sublime photography skills are also in demand in the biz as are his excellent teaching skills that were honed at Snakes and Lattes.  Sean has been asked to teach games at conventions for many a company, especially the European ones who can’t make the trip over to the major North American cons like GenCon.  And if Sean is a great teacher, Adam is amazing.  Adam also cut his teeth at Snakes in Toronto and is hailed by many (especially Daryl) as one of the best game teachers in the world.  That’s pretty high praise coming from Daryl!  Adam definitely has a flair for explaining and a way with words.  So much so, in fact, that he’s been recruited to do translation work for Z-Man / Filosophia.    Both Sean and Adam have basically parlayed their pre-existing skills plus their extreme love for games and winning personalities into part-time work.

How did this happen?  Well, you can hear more about their stories about how they found their own niches on the business side of the gaming table on this episode!

And they (for some strange reason) stick around for the aftershow with Dylan, Daryl and myself!