Okay, this is kind of one of my favourite episodes ever.


Dylan came home from GDC and would NOT STOP talking about a few of the keynote speakers for days.    For days, we had to listen to him blather on and on about this designer and that designer.  In particular, he talked about Erin Hoffman.  Erin is a noted author (the Chaos Knight series) and columnist (The Escapist) when she’s not designing video games on dedicate platforms and mobile platforms.  Now at GlassLabs, a non-profit educational software development company, Erin is focused on using video games in school.

Thus, we bravely crossed over into the digital realm from the comfort of our cardboard world and asked Erin onto the show.  Initially, it was just to stop Dylan from pouting.  Now, am I ever glad we did.  We also brought our cogent cakester, Suzanne Sheldon (Board Game Apps in 2 Mins), on to round out the panel to discuss games from the digital dimension as well.  Her ability to ask the most insightful questions never ceases to amaze us.

Erin basically drops knowledge bombs on us from the get go.  So, if you like to learn about why games are designed the way they are, just sit back and enjoy.  The dialog between Erin and Suz is serious popcorn material.

Erin and Suz also stuck around for the aftershow, where we find out that Erin loves our colleague’s game (Yves Tourigny‘s Blueprints from Z-man)!

Note to self:  Get Erin and Scott Nicholson on the show together in the future.  That will be AMAZING!