Well, apparently, none of us said “please” to Google, because all night long, the feed failed us utterly and we, sadly, had to cut this one short.  But don’t worry!  We’ll bring Shari Spiro (Ad Magic/Breaking Games owner) and Peter Vaughan (Squirmy Beast) back in no time flat to discuss their products as publishers and designers.  Peter also kindly gave away a copy of his game What the Food?  (Ad Magic manufactured / Squirmy Beast published) to a lucky viewer via a Twitter competition we ran.

Congrats to Peter and Shari and especially designer Brad Brooks for winning the Mensa Select Award for Letter Tycoon, a game that looks amazing and I am sooooo looking forward to getting my word on with that one!

HUGE apologies for the choppy vid – thanks, Google!  We’ll have these guests back soon!