This was the episode in which we learned the secret origin of Chenier LaSalle an, unbeknownst to us, Canadian (!) diplomat (!) stationed in Houston, TX who is the designer behind one of the more noteworthy releases this year – New York 1901 from Blue Orange.  Noteworthy in it’s visual appeal (care of Vincent Dutrait, a standout illustrator from France), it’s clean design, but mostly because it’s the first real “big box” game from a publisher that’s made it’s mark with games in 3″ round tins (the ridiculously popular Spot It line).  It looks amazing and sounds like the play will match the illustration in quality, so it’s high on Daryl’s and my “to play” list – here’s hoping a demo will be available at Origins!  I’m hoping it’s like Big City (one of my all time favourites), but updated with other twists!

This was also Daryl’s “big return” episode to Canada.  But just in case he was still jetlagged (is that a word, even?) we had his clone, Jonathan Gilmour, drop on in.  You know, just in case.  Daryl made it despite his circadian rhythm being all kablooey and we had both stay despite the fact that it might have caused a rift in the space time continuum if the two hosted together.   We’re risk-takers like that.  Jon’s also an Origins vet, so we wanted him to school us in the ways of this particular con.

We also had Isaac Shalev (On Board Games) join us to teach us the ways of the Origins event – we learned where to eat, where to stay, what ribbons and tickets to buy (still have to do that!) and where to go at night from Isaac and Jon.

Also, this is the episode with no Aftershow.  Why not?  Because we just kept talking about Origins with Isaac and Jon and then Dylan jumped in; a few minutes too late to meet his Canadian “Spy” counterpart, but oh well.  It was still good to see the beard while he lasted.  He had just got off a 2-hour conference call with the video game design team and was pooched.

See you at Origins 2015!

Note:  If you’re at Origins, we’d love to meet with you – especially if you’re a show sponsor!  Find us on Twitter @meeplesyrup!