So, I’m going to be totally Canadian here and apologize for my tardiness with updating the blog.  It has as much to do with my forgetfulness as it does with our ISP not notifying me of WHY there was an issue.  My credit card had expired, but instead of telling me anything, our ISP decided to just hang us up with an “A-OK” on our webpage instead of just asking me to update my card without an interruption in service.   You know…like any other company…

Anyway, that aside, we have a TON of updating to do.

I’m going to start with the regular episodes and then I’ll list all the ones we’ve posted from Origins 2015.  There were some issues with uploading those (duplicate MeepleSyrup accounts got set up and some video got sent to the wrong place, for example).  Sidenote:  We’re going to limit our segments from conventions to 15 minutes portions, or at least break them up into 15 minute chunks if longer, due to how uploading seems to work.

With our apologies and explanations out of the way, I bring you

<drumroll> </drumroll>


Episode 38!  Ha!  There is none!  Why?  Because that was the episode where Google Hangouts decided to barf up any thing we tried to feed it.  We had Shari Spiro from Ad Magic / Breaking Games and Peter Vaughn from Squirmy Beast (designer of What the Food?) on and we were going to talk about the Mensa Award-winning Letter Tycoon that they co-published (and that I still must buy!)  But don’t worry!  We’ll have them back on the show ASAP.


Episode 39 had Stephanie Straw and Ian Zang drop by the show with Dylan, Daryl and I to discuss what we did at Origins – what we saw, what we played, who we met, etc. etc.


Episode 40 was the one where we talked with Stephen Glenn (Balloon Cup, Spike, etc.) and Cory Young (Gravwell) about abstract games with Stephanie Straw as the co-host as Dylan was in Japan.


Episode 41 had us bring the twins, Spencer Reeve (Cool Mini or Not) and Travis R. Chance (Action Phase Games, designer of Heroes Wanted and Infamy), to talk about their latest kickstarter projects with Brittanie Boe (GameWire) as the co-host.


And, finally…catching us up…Episode 42 brought in Chris Kirkman (Dice Hate Me Games) and Phil duBarry (Phantasio Games, designer of Revolution, Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers, etc.) with guest host Nicole Hoye to chat about, well, design and publication in general.  Oh yeah, and that JR Honeycutt guy joined in 😀  (Oh, and we were on air the whole time!)

Whew!  Okay, so, now that we’re caught up, I promise to stay on top of this whole blog thing…and remember to check out the stuff from Origins on our Youtube page!