In this episode, not only do we make a pun out of a publisher’s name plus a Canadianism, but we have a very rare video appearance from that self-same publisher!  James Mathe from Minion Games talks Protospiel and, later on, Andy Van Zandt (TMG) jumps in to chat about development.  Both of these industry insiders chat about how they evaluate and sign games and how things work from the designer side of the table.  Also, Andy is sitting on a plyoball, hence the bouncing.

Josh Cappel joins us as the co-host, doing “Dylan Duty” as our resident diplomat is no longer a resident of our fine country!  Dylan has shipped of to France for work.  We’ll be relying on Dylan for some international talks and some one-on-one interviews in the future, so don’t fear, Meeps!  The Bearded One has not left forever!