Hey all!  Thanks to the generous support of our viewers, we were able to go to GenCon and capture a bunch of footage from the Exhibition floor and other places.  First up, though, we must say that while Periscope did the trick at Origins when coupled with our recorded interviews, there was no space at GenCon to do a quiet interview and the vast number of people made the audio quality of the Persicopes not as great as we would have liked it to be.  That aside, there’s some interesting stuff here, so please give the videos a watch!

Probably the MOST relevant video is this one, which explains the opportunity a designer might get if they sign up for the First Exposure Playtest Hall:

While GenCon was a great experience and we personally plan on going back again, Meeple Syrup (as a show) will try to get to more design-specific conventions such as Metatopia, UnPub, Protospiel, and others in Season 2  so we can focus on what our core demographic craves – information to help them design better games and get their games into the hands of publishers and beyond!