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New Format!

Based on some initial feedback, we’re changing a bit of our format.  First, we’re going to interview the guests for just one hour.  And then we’ll do our aftershow, but it’ll be a separate recording, so you can get some much needed rest!  We’ll release the aftershow on the Friday of each week, giving you more of that sweet, sweet Meeple Syrup content to last you through the weekend.

So, Teasers on Monday, Guests on Wednesday, and Aftershow on Friday.

What do you think?   Is there anything else you’d like to see more from the Meeple Syrup crew?


  1. Big improvement! I also like the ‘show & tell’ elements with images and Sen’s tools. This makes the show more visual. You might want to consider doing a podcast version with the audio track to make it more accessible for people on the go. A few more suggestions would be show notes with links to references made in the show and a guild on BGG, a la Dice Tower, where listeners can discuss episodes and the show in general. Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Gerry! Thanks for the feedback – we’re working hard to make it better each episode. We’re just getting into the whole podcast thing, so hopefully that’ll be up and running by November if I learn me some RSS stuff. Thanks for watching, mon ami! ~ Sen

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