Our recent guest, Emmanuel Aquin, might have coined a new phrase in “Trash-Can” when we mentioned that Eric Lang and Gavan Brown were going to be our next guests and we thought it was funny that it was going to be a 100% Canadian show talking about Ameritrash games.

We’ll have to see if that sticks!

Eric is a very prolific designer, having published titles with Wizkids, Cool Mini or Not, and Fantasy Flight Games amongst others.  Some of his more notable games include Kaosball, Marvel Dice Masters, and Star Wars:  The Card Game.   And expect to see games like Arcadia Quest and The Others hitting the shelves soon!


Gavan is the head of Roxley Game Laboratories and the launch of their first few titles (Steampunk Rally and M is imminent!  Gavan is also a great designer, with Jab: Realtime boxing under his belt, and an amazing artist, with design credits on projects like Eminent Domain and Train of Thought.  He’s also the one who designed the wonderful Meeple Syrup show logo, so an immense “thank you” for that!


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See you on Wednesday!