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Season 3 has begun!

We’re ringing in a new school year with a new timeslot and a new co-host.  The Meeple Syrup crew gladly welcomes our longtime-friend and sometimes-hostage Tiffany Caires @TheOneTAR as our third mic controller on our lunchtime panel which will feature many new guests as well as fan faves.

So, we’ll be on every Tuesday at noon EST and talking to our guests for an hour.  The aftershow will follow immediately and, in  our new format, will focus only on the hosts as they give their input on the responses the guests gave during the main show.  This way, we hope to have a more even flow to the main show while still allowing the hosts to share their thoughts on the matter at hand.

We hope you enjoy the new season.  Remember, if you can’t watch and interact live (which is, let’s be honest, the bestest way evar!), you can always download the audio-only rips via iTunes or watch the archived shows on our channel – be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

If you missed it, here’s our last show from this afternoon and the aftershow!




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  1. Welcome back MeepleSyrup! Glad to have new content… welcome, Tiffany!

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