We start off this series by meeting 3 of the 4 designers who will be participating in the Game Dojo’s first season – Bob Wieman, Devin Stinchcomb, and Ryan Schoon (Steve Caires is in transit at the moment).

Bob is a math professor in West Virginia who is trying to make a zombie game that teaches about sustainability while Devin is in QC and creating a game about one of my holy grails of game design – time travel!  Ryan, a veteran of the RPG writing world, is trying his hand at boardgames for the first time in a world of megacorps who have privatized first responders.   Steve has a solo game about being the best space pirate ever!

Tonight, we talked about their past playtests, their current iterations, and their future goals.  We hope you’ll follow their progress on a weekly basis as Sen checks in with them one at a time, every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. EST.

See you then!