Whoops!  With Canadian Thanksgiving and all the turkey-related hoopla,  we *TOTALLY* forgot to tell you about Episode 7 here.

Well, it was recorded on Wednesday, but we’ll put it up here, along with the aftershow.

The main show has guests Chris Chung (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival) and Jay Cormier (Belfort, Tortuga, Akrotiri) on talking about their con experiences.  Jay gives us the low down on Essen, specifically and Chris compares and contrasts that with his experience at GenCon this year.  Jay gives some great advice on how to plan ahead for meetings, how to pack, and how to pitch.  Chris gives us some information from both the publisher and participant side of the table for the Publisher Speed Dating event that James Mathe organizes.  We were also joined by a new co-host, Yves Tourigny (Blueprints, Expedition: North West Passage, Top This!) as well.   All in all, a great show!

For the aftershow, we discussed our thoughts on some of the games that have great buzz for Essen.

Here’s the vids, for your perusal

Again, we’ll be uber-Canadian and apologize for not forewarning you!