This one is pretty special as it features our first guest from another continent.  While we’re used to dealing with different time zones from the east to west coast of North America, we’ve got one guest waking up at something crazy like 5 a.m. in France to be a part of our show.  That’s right, Mr. Jack himself, Bruno Cathala, will be on the Meeple Syrup Show along side Gil Hova.   This week, we’ll be discussing economies in Euro-styled board games.

Bruno Cathala (Abyss, Five Tribes, Mr. Jack, Cyclades, Shadows Over Camelot)

Gil Hova (Battle Merchants, Prolix)

Plus, we’ve got a new “third wheel” this week – Chris Handy (who was one of very first guests).  We’re that Dylan’s not here because he’s the only one of us that really speaks French well, but happy that Chris can step up and fill in.  So, welcome, Chris!