Welcome to the inner sanctum, hopeful applicants.

You have been invited to test your might against some of the best and brightest game design students in the empire.   By applying for this mentoring position, you are obligated only to commit fully to the process of learning how to make a good game better.  There is no monetary expectation from this humble sensei.  There is only the hope that knowledge can be passed down from one who has gone before.  Advice given, is given freely.

My optimal applicants are designers:

  • who are unsigned / unpublished
  • who have put together a playable prototype of some form (physical / digital) with rules
  • who are able to commit to an 8-month process that will require regularly scheduled meetings via Google Hangout (likely 1-2 meetings a month for 30-60 minute slots)
  • who are active on social media
  • who have access to the technology required to use Google Hangout well (proper connection, headset, camera, HD-capable chipset)
  • who are not afraid of giving and receiving feedback live and unfiltered on a show that will be watched by many
  • who are tech-savvy for purposes only of using Google Hangout, though use of Tabletopia / Tabletop Simulator is very appreciated
  • who are willing to invest in their own futures through shipping of prototypes to myself and perhaps other guest testers
  • who have a local team to playtest with on a frequent basis
  • who are not already being mentored by another designer (Sorry GAC Journeymen!)
  • who are passionate about their projects and can instill that passion in myself and viewers

If you think you have the skills and resiliency to participate in this project, please fill out this Google Form and submit by September 18, 2016.  I will announce the successful applicants live on the Meeple Syrup Show the following Tuesday at noon EST.

The Game Dojo (#TheGameDojo) project is simply this:  I want to help new designers make their dreams come true.  While I am not a fairy godfather, I have many years of experience in the industry and many connections as well as knowledge and insight in game design and development having been published multiple times over and developed games for others.  I am hoping to help people who are as lost and disconnected as I was when I started get a bit of a leg up because there are so many good, nay great, games out there that need to see the light of day.    I offer advice freely and will help with playtesting, suggesting edits and other guidance should you need it.  My hope is that you never really need my help after one season of the program.

Let’s make this happen!  #TogetherWereBetter