Join us Mondays at 9:00 p.m. EST when Sen checks in with the designers taking part in Season 1 of this live mentorship project.


Bob Wieman

Outlast – When the zombies overrun society, every resource is precious. In Outlast, you and your friends must  grab some resources (like food and guns) and maintain others (like a safe hideout.) As resources dwindle, you must strike out to discover new locations, while continuing to occupy the best sites you’ve already discovered. Locations you don’t use become inaccessible, so players have to develop an evolving “base of operations” consisting of several locations that work well together.  If you succeed, you may be able to eliminate the zombies and create a safe haven for humanity. Good luck – we’re counting on you!

You can follow Bob’s boardgame design musings on his blog


Devin Stinchcomb


“I’ve loved playing games my whole life: they’re fun, engaging, and for an introverted guy like me they serve as a really good way to get to know people.  I’ve been designing games for a long time now, but I’ve only gotten more serious about improving over the last couple years.  I’ve made plenty of lighter games, but this time-travel game is my first real foray into heavier territory.  With some help, though, I think I’m ready for the challenge.  Three random facts about me: I’m a huge Star Wars fan and would defend the prequels (despite their flaws) with my dying breath, I love animals (grew up with a minimum of 7 cats/dogs in the house), and I’m currently making my way through the Dark Tower series and loving every page of it.”



Alyrian Paradox – On a routine cargo run to the Cretaceous, something pulled you and several rival Travelers out of the time stream and you crash-landed in a strange city called Alyria.  Stuck in unfamiliar surroundings with a damaged time machine, you’ll need to carefully navigate the political web of this strange world and manipulate what contacts you can find to acquire the resources you need to fix your machine and figure out exactly what happened.  Your machine can only go back a few weeks thanks to the damage it sustained, but you still have some ability to change the past.  Any changes you make ripple forward into the present, but be careful about changing too much…your Paradox Containment Unit was broken in the crash.  Alyrian Paradox is filled with crazy combos, quirky characters, and a healthy dose of hand management.



Ryan Schoon

First Responders, Inc takes place in a future where emergency services have been privatized. Players take on the role of corporations eager to prove they can handle emerging crises, save lives, and reap the profits. They must work together to keep the city safe and healthy while also competing over lucrative government contracts. But be careful because if the city becomes too chaotic the government might pull your funding.


Steve Caires


Steve writes software for a bank during the day and designs boardgames in his spare time. He always wanted to be a game programmer, but after a few years of getting burned out doing it, he realized that boardgames are quicker to prototype, more fun to iterate on, and require slightly less sitting in front of a computer to bring to life. Steve enjoys everything from obscure 70’s and 80’s wargames to quirky cardgames and crunchy Euros. When he’s not designing or playing games, he’s probably in the background of a board game review video or wrangling the cat or both dogs.



Hand Solo is a solitaire card game of interplanetary space trading that can be played almost entirely without a surface, using its small deck of multi-use cards. From humble beginnings in your rust-bucket shuttlecraft, strive to become the most renowned trader, courier, pirate, smuggler, mercenary, or bounty hunter in our future solar system. Buy low, sell high and pay off your fees and loans, or you might have to resort to smuggling and piracy to make ends meet!

PNP: (rules are currently in progress)
Contact: @stevecc (Twitter); (email).

Here’s a playthrough of Steve’s game, Hand Solo, at the start of the series – wonder if it’ll remain the same after he goes through the Dojo?