Sen Foong Lim (Host)

Sen-Foong Lim is the short, Asian half of the table top design team, the Bamboozle Brothers.   Since 2011, they have released 7 games, covering a diverse range from the Euro-styled strategy game “Belfort” to “But Wait, There’s More!”, the party game about pitching wacky products.  Find out more about this dynamic duo and their games on
Sen (as he is called) also organizes the London Family Game Days, events set up to teach non-gamers (especially families) about the great hobby of boardgaming.
You can follow Sen on Twitter at @SenFoongLim or e-mail him at

Ludography (with Jay Cormier):

  • Belfort + Belfort: The Expansion Expansion (TMG)
  • Train of Thought (TMG)
  • But Wait, There’s More! (Toy Vault)
  • Tortuga (Queen)
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 Of Us (TMG)
  • Akrotiri (Z-Man)
  • Junkyard (Pretzel)
  • Orphan Black: The Card Game (IDW)
  • The Godfather: A New Don (IDW)

Future Releases (titles unconfirmed):

  • Rock, Paper, Wizards! (WizKids) w/ Jay Cormier + Josh Cappel
  • Powers (IDW) w/ Jay Cormier
  • What’s That? (Mercury) w/ Jay Cormier + Stephan Alexander
  • Zombie Slam (Mercury) w/ Jay Cormier
  • Pop Goes The Weasel (RnR) w/ Jay Cormier
  • Kaiju Unchained:  Godzilla (ToyVault) w/ Jay Cormier
  • Outlander: The Story Telling Game (ToyVault) w/ Jessey Wright
  • Mythos (ToyVault) w/ Jessey Wright

Sen is also a work-for-hire developer with “Destroy All Games”, acting in secret behind the scene to make good games better with a crew of like-minded game busters.


Daryl Andrews

Daryl Andrews (Host)

“Daryl Andrews is a big fan of board games. He has worked in a variety of game industry roles including helping start a local board game cafe, worked for a local game store, game reviewer, giant game rentals, and setup the website/social media for an online game store. Furthermore, Daryl enjoys planning board game events. He is the founder of the Board Game Bash (Kitchener-Waterloo’s biggest board game convention), the former director of the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz , and the founder of Tri-Cities Tabletop Events (bi-monthly local charity board game events).  Plus he likes to design board games too. Daryl’s first co-design The Walled City  just hit shelves Christmas 2014, and his newest game Caffeine Rush arrived in stores this summer 2015.

You can follow Daryl on Twitter at @darylmandrews or e-mail him at”


  • The Walled City (Mercury Games)
  • Caffeine Rush (R&R Games)
  • Fantasy Fantasy Baseball (CSE Games)

Future Releases (titles unconfirmed):

  • Shopping Cart Party Game (Mercury Games)
  • Jungle Pursuit Family Game (R&R Games)
  • Morph Word Game (Breaking Games)
  • Fantasy Fantasy Hockey (CSE Games)
  • Fantasy Fantasy Football (CSE Games)
  • Fantasy Fantasy Basketball (CSE Games)

Playtester/Developer with a variety of other games including:

  •  Belfort Expansion, Akrotiri, Tortuga, This Town Aint Big Enough, But Wait Theres More, Blueprints, Warbands, Lanterns, Kaosball, Blood Rage, Generation Hex, Midnight Men, Sails to Steam, Merchants & Marauders: Broadsides, Whats That, Bomb Squad Academy, etc.



Dylan Kirk (Host)

“Still waiting for Dylan to provide blurb here. Dylan is a horrible self promoter but overall great guy. He has a wide range of knowledge gathered from traveling the world. Dylan currently resides in Ottawa, designing games and being a diplomat.”


  • Genji (Z-Man)
  • Playtester/Developer with a variety of other games including: <more stuff coming>